Stream of dreams Murals Society

A stream in need - How can you help take care of your local stream, river, lake and the ocean?

- Make sure that only rainwater goes down rain drains (storm drains).

- Reduce or eliminate your use of harsh or toxic chemicals indoors and out.

- Garden organically - reduce or eliminate use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides.

- Collect your rainwater and use it to water your gardens and lawns.

- Tear up concrete or pavement on your property and replace it with lawn or gardens.

- Plant trees and shrubs, especially local native species.

- Wash your car on the lawn or other surface that can soak up the water and use minimal, biodegradable soap.

- Drive your car as little as possible - much of urban creek pollution is washed off our streets. Walk, ride a bicycle or take transit, carpool, combine shopping trips.

- Return unused medications to your pharmacy. DO NOT flush them down the toilet!

- Educate local politicians about taking care of local streams and wetlands - encourage them to make raingardens along streets and parking lots in your community.

- NEVER let clean-up water from concrete mixing go into a storm drain.

- Donate to the Stream of Dreams Murals Society to support eco-literacy.

- Join your local stream stewardship group or organize one and start looking after your creek. Visit the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation,, to learn all about streamkeeping.