Stream of dreams Murals Society

Stream of Dreams Dreamfish are found in the watersheds north of Lake Ontario.

Dreamfish "spawners" jump up Niagra Falls as "smolts" head downstream.


Dreamfish visit New York.

Micqualyn and her fish view New York.


Dreamfish on the Ganges.

Mark Angelo with his Dreamfish on the Ganges at Varanasi, February 2005.


Sammy goes 'round the world.

Sammy began his journey with Roy at the Rivershed Society's 108 mile retreat in May of 2003. He traveled to South America and visited Argentinian waterfalls, experienced diving in Belize and Brazil, hiking, kayaking and surfing in Costa Rica, saw the Panama canal and Australia's Fraser Island, Port Arthur, Perth, Tasman Sea, and Great Barrier Reef. Sammy avoided crocodiles in in Costa Rica, and enjoyed riding on Roy's backpack, as he helped open discussions about conservation and applying what we do in BC to protecting rivers in Costa Rica.


Betty Rode the Wild Salmon Cycle

Betty began her journey with David at Rivershed Society's 108 mile retreat, August 7, 2003, before setting out on a bicycle expedition beginning in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada and finishing in Los Angeles, California, USA. This distance represents the range of Pacific salmon in North America.