Stream of dreams Murals Society

Walk the Talk School Fundraiser

Raise funds for your Stream of Dreams project while you move your community toward using more water friendly products


Walk the Talk is a collaboration between Stream of Dreams and Echoclean which allows schools to raise money in support of environmental education while making greener purchasing decisions. You get more value for money you already spend on household cleaners and personal care products.

Walk the Talk offers distinct advantages compared to other fundraisers:

- We are not selling "extras". Instead, we offer products every family uses. Echoclean products are effective, competitively priced and environmentally superior.

- No volunteer involvement is required. All administration comes as part of the package. While the school is required to distribute products ordered, most schools have a leadership group or student council which can fulfill this role.

- A substantial percentage of the money raised (about 25%) goes directly to the school.

- We offer two standard collections, or customers may order products individually. Each collection purchased covers the cost of the Stream of Dreams program for one child.

- The Household Collection costs $41.50 and includes liquid laundry soap, liquid dish soap, dishwasher tablets, shower cleaner and all-purpose cleaner.

- The Personal Care Collection costs $36.75 and includes powdered laundry soap, fruit & veggie wash, shampoo and conditioner, a liquid hand soap pump and refill.


- You launch the campaign using our promotional material. Parents, school staff, friends, coworkers or community groups are all encouraged to participate.

- Customers can download an order form and forms will be available at the school office.

- As soon as the school's minimum order requirement has been met (25 cases), customers will receive an e-mail notification confirming their order and requesting payment.

- If the minium order is not received, customers will be notified that the fundraiser has been cancelled.

- The Stream of Dreams fundraising coordinator will handle all payment issues. We accept Visa, Mastercard or cheques.

- When all payments have been received, the order will be delivered to the school the following week. The school will also receive a packing slip specifying exactly who ordered what product.

- Money raised will be forwarded to the school.


- Determine the dates for your campaign(s). We recommend a three to four week sales period for each campaign. However, the school can conduct multiple campaigns.

- Contact the Fundraising Coordinator, Lynn Duncan, at 604-522-6222 (1-877-538-6222) or She will forward customized marketing information which you can use to launch your campaign (PDF format).

- That's all there is to it!