Stream of dreams Murals Society

McBride Elementary School, Vancouver BC

Address: 1300 E. 29th Ave. Vancouver, BC

Watersheds: Lost Streams in the False Creek Watershed: Brewery Creek (lost) and China Creek

Project Completion: 2006 April 10

Number of participants: 450

Project Supporters: A special thank you to Russ Evans at Tupper Senior Secondary who provided the space, the tools and the guidance to a group of Grade 7 McBride students who made many of the wooden fish. Thank you also to the great team of parents who installed the mural.

Notes: McBride Elementary school sits close to the watershed boundary between the now lost Brewery and China creeks. Visit Common Ground article , September 2005, about the historic False Creek streams and how you can help protect the life in False Creek.

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Some images from the mural:
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