Stream of dreams Murals Society

Discovery Passage Elementary School, Campbell River BC

Address: 2050 Pengelly Rd, Campell River BC

Watersheds: Casey Creek and numerous rivers and streams in the Campbell River region

Project Completion: 2006 February 3

Number of participants: 150

Notes: Thank you to the Uzzell, Lee, Zamluk, Garlinski-Gonsky, Skuse and Roemer families for making the fish. Thank you to SD #72 for the donation of plywood and paint. The following words of Roderick Haig-Brown from "Bright Waters, Bright Fish" were read at the dedication ceremony: "I should like to see every school in the country adopt some natural area as its own special project, continuing year after year in perpetuity. Preferably it should be a creek or some section of a creek or a small stream, but it could almost equally be a section of river bank or lake shore or sea shore, a pond, pothole or marsh... I see a program of this sort as having a double function: that of developing in children the fullest awareness of a given area, at the same time providing a substantial measure of care and protection for the place itself." Haig Brown Institute

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Some images from the mural:
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