Stream of dreams Murals Society

Cougar Canyon Elementary Rain Garden, Delta, BC

Address: 11664 Lyon Road, Delta BC

Watersheds: Cougar Creek, Fraser River

Project Completion: 2006 November 15-17

Number of participants: 450

Notes: The Cougar Canyon Rain Garden project is a demonstration project organized by the Cougar Creek Streamkeepers and the City of Delta, with planting assistance by the students at Cougar Canyon Elementary and community volunteers. Stream of Dreams provided the classroom environmental education portion of the program, to connect the planting to how it is helping Cougar Creek, while the Cougar Creek Streamkeepers guided the student's planting despite record winds and rain! The goal of the garden is to collect the rain runoff from the staff parking lot and let it sink into the ground, thus reducing pollutants reaching the creek and allowing the rainwater to more slowly enter the creek.

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Some images from the mural:
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