Stream of dreams Murals Society


Eco-Education with a focus on local Watersheds, Streams, Rivers and the Ocean
Where is your local stream?
Where does the water come from?
Where does it go?
How do storm drains work?
Where does your drinking water come from?
What changes in behavior can we all make to protect water and fish habitat?
Creating a Community Art Legacy, a Reminder of Environmental Responsiblity
Dream of a future with healthy streams.
What will your Dreamfish look like?
Paint a wooden fish.
Set it free along a chain link fence.
Individual Dreamfish join to create a Stream of Dreams
Take care of your local waterways.

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Stream of Dreams Programs are trademarked and copyrighted and are delivered by Stream of Dreams Murals Society staff or licensed and certified instructors trained by the society. The Stream of Dreams Murals Society is a registered British Columbia non-profit society and a registered Canadian charity.